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Clay Target Outfitters Fleece Headband USA1030

       More color options available below.
1. CONTACT INFORMATION - Please complete the required contact information section.
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2. QUANTITY / COLOR  - Fleece Headband  $9.95

(Price may vary based on quantity ordered and logo colors)

Minimum order quantity: 12

**Please note multiple colors can be chosen.  The colors that are chosen must keep the same logo color, or additional charges may apply.
Space Cell One Size
Dark Green
Midnight Heather
DESIGN INSTRUCTIONS - If you have final vector artwork ready to go, please attach it below. Vector file types include: .eps, .ai, and some .pdf files.

If you don't have vector artwork, don't worry. We can help you with that. Go ahead and attach whatever art files you have below (including: .png, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .doc, .docx).  
3. TEAM LOGO - Attach your logo artwork here. Remember to click "upload".
SHIPPING INFORMATION - Let us know where you'd like your order sent?
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We’ll get back to you shortly about the specifics of your order, artwork, and payment. You will receive a virtual proof for approval prior to printing.

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Direct: 651.552.6141