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AFO Instructor Workshop Application


Congratulations on taking the first step to become an AFO Instructor. The AFO Instructor (AFOI) Workshop is an exclusive professional development opportunity designed to prepare new instructors to teach the AFO certification course. Over the course of two days, you will work with our top instructor trainers to learn and master the AFO course materials, technical knowledge and presentations skills necessary to teach the next generation of AFOs. Once accepted, you will receive instructions on how to register for an upcoming workshop.

Please read through the levels of AFO Instructor status listed below.  This information will help you understand the natural progression of an AFO Instructor.

Instructor Candidate
Candidates must have taken and passed an AFO course. They need to hold a current, unexpired AFO certificate. Ideal candidates should have strong technical, management, and teaching or presentation skills prior to application. They should have knowledge and experience of swimming pool operation by direct operation, regulatory agencies, or through the service industry.

Provisional Instructor
Instructors in this level have been formally accepted into the program after having completed both the Instructor Candidate requirements and the AFO Instructor Workshop. They have proven knowledge and presentation skills but still need to demonstrate teaching effectiveness in an actual class by co-teaching. The lead instructor and the students evaluate provisional instructors after each class and you will move to a lead instructor based upon evaluations.

Lead Instructors have demonstrated command of the course materials, technical knowledge, and presentation skills. They establish the course agenda and assign teaching topics to Assistant and Trial Instructors. They evaluate Assistant and Trial Instructors and make recommendations for their advancement.

Instructor Trainer
Instructor Trainers are Instructors that have shown a mastery of the course materials, technical knowledge, and presentation skills. They have demonstrated exceptional competence in teaching effectiveness and in their course evaluations. They act as Instructor Workshop facilitators and evaluate the eligibility of instructor candidates for advancement to Trial Instructors. NRPA appoints instructor Trainers on an as needed basis.

Before proceeding with this application, please review the minimum qualifications listed below to make sure you are eligible to apply:

* Five years, full-time experience in aquatics or a related area
* High school diploma. Bachelor's degree in related field is preferred
* Two years of experience teaching or presenting to individuals’ high school or older
* Must currently be AFO certified
* Must be member of NRPA
* Minimum of three years of a nationally recognized aquatics certification (AFO strongly preferred)

Important: Please download the reference form and have your three references fill it out and email it directly to NRPA Aquatics Program Manager, Elizabeth Gonzales at Letters or phone calls of recommendation will not be accepted.