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Hyperacusis Project

Presentation of the Study


Thank you for your participation in this survey entitled:

"Characterization of tinnitus and hyperacusis mechanisms"

organized by Arnaud Norena, scientific director, research director CNRS (UMR 7260).

This survey takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out and contains 45 to 60 questions depending on your answers.

The purpose of these questions is to better understand the symptoms of auditory hypersensitivity (hyperacusis), tinnitus, ear pain as well as other very often associated symptoms (such as the feeling of clogged ears, hearing loss, etc. .).

As a participant in this survey:

- you are free to accept or refuse as well as to stop your participation at any time (in case of refusal, all you have to do is close the survey page)

- The data concerning you will remain strictly confidential. You authorize their consultation only by persons who collaborate with Arnaud Norena and, potentially, a representative of the health authorities. You may at any time request information from Arnaud Norena and may exercise your right of access, rectification or opposition.

- You accept the processing of personal and medical data concerning you in accordance with the provisions of the amened Act n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to data processing, files and freedoms and the European regulation n ° 2016 / 679 on data protection. You can ask for information at any time by contacting Arnaud Norena, director of the Neural Dynamics and Hearing team (UMR 7260, reachable at and exercise your right of access, rectification, opposition and deletion of data.

- Publication of the results will not include any individual identifying results.

- In the event that you withdraw your consent and/or exercise your right of the deletion of your data, you will be informed that this withdrawal does not affect the activities carried out, nor does it affect the use of data obtained on the basis of informed consent before it was withdrawn.

- You agree that previously collected data may be retained and used for this research.

- You can be kept up to date regarding the overall results of the research by contacting Arnaud Norena.

- Your consent does not relieve the researchers of their responsibilities. You retain all your rights guaranteed by law.
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2. This survey lasts 30 minutes maximum. It is not possible to complete the survey in multiple sessions (close the questionnaire and complete it at a later time), so it is IMPORTANT that you plan at least 30 minutes to fully complete the questionnaire in one sitting. Incomplete questionnaires will not be included.

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