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EdTech and Publishers' Market Survey 2018


We are very grateful for your participation in this survey, conducted on behalf of BESA and The Bookseller by Cairneagle Associates, a strategy consultancy specialising in education, in preparation for the EdTech stream of FutureBook 2018.

There are 4 sections, which together should take around 20 minutes to complete:

a)  Background & Current Approach to Digital / EdTech (~5-7min)
b)  Market Growth and Outlook (~4-6min)
c)  Key Success Factors, Opportunities and Challenges (~5-7min)
d)  Alternatives and Partnerships (~2-3min)

Note - we recommend completing the survey on a large tablet or desktop rather than a mobile phone - on a mobile some of the questions will split across several screens and take longer.

Highlights of the survey will be presented as part of the EdTech stream at FutureBook, and will be circulated to participants. If you would like to receive them, please enter your email address at the end of the survey.

Respondents will be entered into a draw to receive one of three Amazon vouchers, 1 at £200 and 2 at £100. To be eligible for this, please continue to the end and enter your email address.

Contributions will be shared on an aggregated and anonymous basis, and personal data such as your email address is only used to conduct and analyse the survey, and distribute results.