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Washington State Social Emotional Learning Efforts - We need your opinion

Public Social Emotional Learning Survey


We invite you to let us know your thoughts regarding Social Emotional Learning (SEL) implementation in Washington State.

The end date for this survey is February 1, 2019. 

Additional information listed here - SEL One Pager        SEL FAQ's 
Washington State Social Emotional Learning  Efforts  
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process through which people build awareness and skills in managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions. SEL supports success in school and in life in a manner that respects culture and honors diversity.  SEL recognizes students are complex human beings whose learning and behavior are impacted by their emotions. 

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Statewide SEL Indicator Workgroup has been asked by the 2017 legislature to develop SEL resources for schools and communities across Washington State. Those resources will build on past recommendations contained in this 2016 report to the legislature:
Our goals are to:
  • Identify and articulate developmental indicators (observable behaviors) for the recommended benchmarks;
  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders;
  • Develop a best practices guide for schools on implementing SEL, and;
  • Submit recommendations to the education committees of the legislature, and the office of the governor by June 30, 2019
For further information regarding the Statewide SEL indicator Workgroup, you may click on the following link:

We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond to any of the following questions.

1. Who are you?
3. Do you have any concerns regarding the implementation of SEL in schools and districts?