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Dharma Ocean Financial Aid Application 2019


This application is for Dharma Ocean residential retreats and Sutrayana Series only. 

Online Foundations courses (Awakening the Body, Pure Awareness, Boundless Heart) use separate applications found on their respective pages of the website.  Visit the Program Calendar to learn more.

Before completing this form:
  • Please register for the program for which you are requesting financial assistance.
  • For Blazing Mountain retreats, select "Scholarship Housing" as your lodging choice.
  • Make note of the cost of the program so you can be clear about the $ amount you are requesting (#4 in the application).
  • Select Full Amount when asked how much to pay. And then select Scholarship or Fellowship Applicant as the payment option.
  • Applications are reviewed 6-10 weeks before the program begins. We will contact you at that time. 
  • Thank you for your attention to these details. 
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