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2018 Final Voting

Voting for the 2018 Audio Verse Awards is closed. Winners will be announced as soon as the votes are verified, results calculated and graphics created. We'd like to thank 6630 Productions, Adam Michael Baugher, Alexa M, Alexander Danner, Alexandra Pal (Alllexia), Ayla Taylor, Benny James, Dania Ramos, David Rheinstrom, Edward Champion, Emmie Knobloch, Evelyn Vigna, Faith McQuinn, Finn Edwardson, Fool & Scholar Productions, GP Mckenzie, Kat S., Michelle Nickolaisen, Midnight Marinara, Reece Bridger, Sara Henry, Scotty Shoemaker, Steven DeHoff, The Amelia Project, The Beacon, The Red Rhino Team, and What's The Frequency for supporting us on Patreon. Thanks to their support, we've almost reached our goal to cover the cost to host and operate the awards! Soon, we will be able to pay the people who work behind the scenes to make things happen! Become a Patron at we only charge once a year, when the winners are announced!