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WISE Member of the Month (MotM)

WISE Member of the Month

Thank you for your WISE Member of the Month (MotM) nomination.

Thank you for your nomination of a fellow WISE member for recognition as the WISE Member of the Month (MotM).

The MotM program continues to showcase the diversity of the WISE membership: their roles, their industries, and how they contribute to the OHS profession. The program continues to foster the sense of community as we shine the light on the great work of another. And the MotM award still intends to assist WISE members with self-promotion, as well as continue

However, as this is the WISE member of the month program, the program has shifted to placing more of an emphasis on the nominee’s contribution to WISE and how they embody the WISE vision and values.

A person’s achievements outside of the WISE arena are certainly valued and are to be included in their nomination, but what the award looks to uncover is: “Why you WISE”.

Please be advised that the requirements for MotM nomination are:
- All persons nominated for the MotM MUST be a WISE member in good standing with ASSP; and
- All nominees must be aware of and agree to their nomination i.e. no secret or anonymous nominations please as MotM recipients will be asked for a photo and be recognized publically through WISE social media avenues.

By continuing this nomination process you are agreeing with the above statements.

Finally, all nominations will be added to the pool of nominees for the annual WISE Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) award.

**WISE SPY nominations must follow that program's format and deadlines. 
1. Details of the person making the nomination (nominator) *This question is required.
2. Details of the person receiving the nomination (nominee) *This question is required.
3. Are they a WISE member in good standing with ASSP?
4. Is this person aware that you are nominating them for the Member of the Month?