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ASTRO2020 Decadal Survey Call for Nominations

Thank you for your nominations to help identify qualified members of both the survey committee and future scientific and programmatic panels. Your valuable input was received (12/20 - 2/5/2019) and the committee formation process has begun. The form is now closed and we are no longer accepting nominations. (updated 2/7/19)

Call for Nominations

The 2020 Decadal Survey in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Astro2020)

We are seeking nominations for the survey committee and panels (note the panel structure is still being determined, but please nominate people suitable for potential science, program, as well as state of the profession panels). Consideration of nominations will begin January 22, 2019.

In winter 2019, the National Academy of Sciences will appoint a steering committee as well as scientific and programmatic study panels to carry out the seventh decadal survey in astronomy and astrophysics. The study will survey the current state of the field, and identify research priorities and make prioritized recommendations for programs to be carried out in the 2020 – 2030 timeframe. The survey’s prioritization of research activities will include consideration of scientific opportunities, as well as an independent assessment of cost, budget and technical readiness. The principal sponsors of the survey are NASA, NSF and the DOE.

Previous astronomy and astrophysics decadal surveys have been conducted with a steering committee, as well as panels that provide scientific and programmatic evaluations, prioritizations, as well as input on the state of the profession. Although the structure of the panels has not yet been determined, we anticipate a similar need for this survey, and we seek nominees with a broad range of relevant scientific, technical and management expertise. Service is open to scientists, engineers and other experts, including those working for a government agency if (1) they have relevant expertise, and (2) their service will not appear to compromise the independence and objectivity of the study. The NAS strives to appoint diverse committees and we welcome suggestions that might advance this objective.

In order to identify individuals with the necessary expertise, we are seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for the steering committee as well as the panels. To nominate yourself, or a colleague, please fill in the information on the form below.

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