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Women's Forum - Access to Health Daring Circle - Call for Initiatives


A Call for Initiatives: Addressing the gaps in access to health for women with tech solutions 
Receive mentorship, join a community, gain visibility and get funding to grow your business

The Women’s Forum and the partners of the Women & Access to Health Daring Circle are pleased to announce a Call for Initiatives for entrepreneurs working to increase access to health for women. Tell us about your organisation and join the competition to win a chance of being mentored, profiled and funded by our partners.

Who we are

The Women’s Forum’s Women & Access to Health Daring Circle is led by AXA and Sanofi, in collaboration with BNP Paribas and Google, in association with RB and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. This circle of partners aims to improve and promote women’s access to health, in both developed and developing markets, by uncovering emerging technologies that are addressing the issue of women's access to quality care. We not only want to raise awareness on women’s access to health parity, but also further understand how tech is contributing to real solutions – and help start-ups scale their impact in a concrete way. 

This Call for Initiatives is based on the Daring Circle’s research and collaboration process, which has identified six key categories of barriers to safe and quality care for women based on their potential to be addressed by tech-led solutions. The barriers include: lack of health care providers informed by sex-disaggregated research, barriers to accessing mental health care, limited awareness and access to information, limited physical access to care, lack of confidential or reliable health records and lack of means to pay or time-poverty.

What you'll receive

Selected entrepreneurs will receive active mentorship provided by the Daring Circle’s partners, increased visibility for their businesses through the partners’ global communications channels, an enabling community of entrepreneurs with shared experiences and funding to help their businesses scale up.

Eligibility criteria
  • Are you a late-stage start-up focused on improving women’s access to health?
  • Do you have a proven business model, and are you looking to scale?
  • Are you an innovator in health-tech, med-tech or fem-tech?
  • Have you created a new, digital high-tech solution – or are you applying a low-tech solution in an innovative way?
  • Do you have a vision for your initiative that we can help bring to life?
The window for entries is now closed. Applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their application.

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