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Moves! Physical Activity through Dance Residency 2018-19

MOVES! Physical Activity through Dance Application

All DOE high schools are invited to apply by January 11, 2019 for Moves!, a physical activity through dance after-school residency offered in partnership with NYC-based dance education providers.  The application should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and we will announce the selected schools January 18, 2019. All Moves! Physical Activity through Dance residencies and will commence by the week of January 25, 2019 (some after-school residencies will offer a showcase opportunity). We expect all residencies to be complete by June 22, 2019. 

The Office of School Wellness Programs is partnering with Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora DanceDancewave and Dreamyard to offer high school students the opportunity to participate in an after-school 15-week physical activity through dance residency in hip-hop, West African or modern dance at your school. Students should be active for at least 60 minutes a day and Moves! Physical Activity through Dance provides an opportunity to help students meet that goal.  

01/11/2019 Applications due
01/18/2019 Schools notified
01/25/2019 Moves! Residency commences
06/10/2019 School submits Moves! Success Story
06/22/2019 Moves! Residency complete

For any questions contact
Criteria for a successful Moves! Physical Activity through Dance Residency application.

A quality application demonstrates:

High school students are excited and ready to participate
  • High school has a committed group of 8 – 25 students that are excited to take part in a 15-week dance residency that will increase physical activity and cultivate artistry.
  • High school clearly expresses why the students are ready to take part in a physical activity through dance program.

Your high school needs a physical activity, and more specifically, a dance residency program
  • High school has a need for physical activity programming and lacks physical activity or physical activity through dance opportunities at their school. 
  • High school should demonstrate the need for incorporating more movement into the activities of the student body and make the case for the importance of physical activity for their students.

Your staff and school are committed to making this physical activity and dance residency a success
  • High school has a dedicated residency contact that values physical activity and dance and can serve as the liaison for the dance organization at the high school.
  • High school has a designated space and a clear timeline for engaging students throughout the duration of the program.
  • High school is flexible when working with their matched dance organization on residency schedule.
About the Participating Dance Organizations

Cumbe is a home for African and Diaspora dance and music. Through classes and cultural programs, we invite everyone to feel the joy and vitality of rhythms rooted in Africa. Cumbe champions African and Diaspora culture as a vibrant legacy for people of African descent and as an exuberant source of power, spirit and knowledge for all. We are committed to celebrating the rhythms, history and evolution of African and African-influenced dance and drum through unique arts-in-education programming that engages students of all ages and backgrounds through dynamic performances, in-depth workshops and immersive residencies. Our Community Engagement program awakens the imagination of students by offering opportunities to learn movement and music that carries tradition, cultivates imagination, and is loads of fun. Through Cumbe students can explore traditional and contemporary dance forms from a variety of cultures.

DreamYard is an arts education, non-profit organization that teaches art through a social justice lens. In-School Programs combine standards-based arts instruction with social justice pedagogy principles to inspire students to develop character, scholarship, and artistic voice to create change. Our curriculum themes for this year are NURTURE and NAVIGATE. The DreamYard Dance Program (DreamYard Moves) offers a diverse array of dance styles such as Modern, African, Hip Hop and Latin Dance. DreamYard's Dance Teaching Artists are working professionals in their field - performing, choreographing, and in many cases directing their own companies throughout New York. Our Teaching Artists bring their passion to the curriculum to activate student-driven exploration and build the capacity for young people to use art to "talk back" to the world.

Dancewave is a nonprofit organization providing all NYC youth access to a supportive dance experience that embraces and encourages individuality and equips students with the life skills to unlock their full potential as people and community members. Founded in 1995 by Artistic/Executive Director Diane Jacobowitz, Dancewave’s unique model combines rigorous training with artistic integrity in a supportive environment. Students are mentored by accomplished dance professionals, which allows for personal growth as well as superior dance education. Dancers have the opportunity to join our pre-professional dance companies, where they gain technical proficiency and self-confidence through training, rehearsals and performances.