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Application for Certification

Introduction/Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming certified with Personality Hacker!

Profiler Training Certification is a class that you join and is designed to move you through the certification process. This is a class with a starting point and ending point occurring between Profiler Training live events. Each class is limited in size based on administrators. If you are accepted into the Certification Class you have until the next live event (usually 5-6 months) to complete your certification. If you aren’t able to complete by the end of the class - you will have an option to join a second 6-month class between the next set of live events at no additional application fee. If you do not complete the second Certification Class and still want to certify, you will need to re-apply and pay a new application fee for the program.

The certification process requires a significant amount of time and dedication. You will be expected to pass an exam on the course content, complete several written assignments, and conduct and write up the equivalent of two profiling sessions per week (around 2-3 hours each). The most successful students typically go far above and beyond these requirements, watching and rewatching class content, attending extra group profiling sessions, forming study groups, etc. Some students have even chosen to transcribe the 16 Avatars and other class recordings word-for-word. Before applying for certification, please be sure you have room for this kind of intensive learning experience in your life right now.  

Please fill out the following application as honestly and completely as possible to help us make sure this program will be a good fit for you. If you need to take a break partway through, you'll see an option to save and continue later at the top of the page. 
Contact Information