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HSD for Insomnia 64


The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is:  11 March 2019
If you fail to complete this form and provide the required information by the deadline you may be excluded from the event. If you have questions about the form or need more time please email us -   
1. Main contact details *This question is required.
2. Name and mobile number of the senior contact who will be on site at the event. *This question is required.This should be a senior person in the exhibiting company who can make daily decisions on site - if it is the same as above state: SAME
All companies must have one person who takes responsibility for managing safety on their stand. This applies during the build up, show open and the breakdown periods - it may be one of the named people above, please tell us who it is.
4. If you are using a stand builder ... who:Provide the company name and contact details of the project manager and stand builder (who may also be your main contractor) who will be on site running the build for you; this is likely if you have opted to buy 'space only' at the event.