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MyGOAL Inc. 2019 Enrichment Grant

MyGOAL Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that exists to provide assistance to caregivers of individuals on the Autism Spectrum. The primary focus of MyGOAL is to help families with little economic power access the same therapies and programs as those with financial capabilities.

MyGOAL Inc. is proud to offer a grant program that will enable families to take advantage of socialization and educational opportunities designed for individuals with special needs aged 18 years or below. Such interactive activities are beneficial for the development of individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders, but often times these programs are not covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts. The purpose of the grant is to enrich the body, mind, and spirit of individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders, resulting in a higher quality of life. Although awarded to the primary caregiver, it is with the understanding that the grant will be used to benefit the individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

MyGOAL Inc. is now accepting applications for the MyGOAL 2019 Enrichment Grant program. Applicants who complete the application, satisfy the grant criteria, and meet the deadline will be considered for a grant. Applications must be completed no later than March 9, 2019. MyGOAL Inc. Enrichment Grants will be awarded based upon a combination of perceived benefit to the individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorders and family economic need.

The $250 grants will be based upon the theme "recreation and physical activity” and would include opportunities such as:
  • Camp
  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Dance
  • Physical Therapy
  • Swimming

ENRICHMENT Grant Guidelines:
Applicants must be the primary caregiver of the individual on the Autism Spectrum and provide the following:
I. Verification of Diagnosis for ASD
II. Indication of Household Income
III. Grant Application/Award History
IV. Dependent Information
V. Name and overview information for the recreation/physical activity 
VI. Potential benefit to the individual(s) with ASD
VII. Completed, signed and dated Enrichment Grant Application
Please note: If the family is awarded an  Enrichment Grant but later decides the individual(s) with ASD will not participate in the activity for which the award was granted, then they should immediately notify MyGOAL Inc. so that the matter can be assessed. Funds, if awarded, will be sent directly to the camp or organization providing the service.  If the family was a recent (within 2-3 years of the date of this application) recipient of a grant award from MyGOAL, preference may be given to a first time application, based on other evaluation criteria.

Other Conditions:
If you receive a grant, you agree:
  • to submit a brief email testament report of your experience and use of funds with photographs.
  • to grant the MyGOAL Inc. the right to use your email testament for marketing, publicity, or any other purposes.

MyGOAL Inc. reserves the right to include additional terms in individual grant awards as appropriate.

P.O. Box 531
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
PHONE: 877-88-MyGOAL