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Exante Slimmer of the Month | November 2018

Choose your winner and they could be in with a chance to win £100 in Exante credit or £150 of beauty vouchers from LookFantastic!

Voting closes on 3rd December at midnight GMT. The Winner will be announced on 4th December on social media!

Ann, 59

Ann decided she wanted to run a half marathon before she turned 60, but knew that she needed to lose weight before she could achieve this goal! She set herself a goal weight of just over 9.5 stone and achieved this in just 11 weeks!

"My life has changed massively. I am healthier, fitter and much more confident. I know I can smash this marathon now, but will still use Exante to maintain!" Since achieving her weight loss goal, Ann has shifted to the Exante flexi plan, in which she eats a combination of low-calorie, high protein foods and Exante meal replacement products!

Ann's advice to anyone starting their Exante journey is to "keep going, even when the scales slow down and don't let people sabotage your journey!" "I remember my first week and that pizza I ate! Just start again, don’t beat yourself up.. it is doable".

John, 38

With the help of Exante, John has lost over five stone and has completely transformed his life. "I dont hurt when I get home from work any more. I am happier and more confident as I was a bit timid in public before. Me and my little boy do a lot more and we are now hooked on rollercoasters as before I struggled to fit on them".

Starting his weight loss journey with Exante has allowed John to understand food more. "I have learnt to be mindful about food and drink. I also look into foods a bit more now as you really are what you eat".

Not only has John achieved incredible weight loss results, but after introducing his partner to Exante, she has also successfully lost weight and reversed her type 2 diabetes!


Helen, 37

After Helen suffered with gestational diabetes while pregnant, she was told that - due to her weight and condition while pregnant - she was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This warning gave her the motivation she needed to make a change, and she decided to join a work colleague in starting her Exante journey. Within two months she has lost two stone!

"I'm now fitting into my smaller clothes. I love looking at new clothes and I can't wait to reach my target to get a whole new wardrobe!"

Since starting Exante, Helen has learnt that if you accidentally go off track with your diet, you have to just pick yourself up and carry on. "It's a journey I'm on and although I look forward to being at goal I need to live my life, so I understand there will be slip ups on the way!"

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