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Timnath Visioning and Preliminary Opportunities


The Town of Timnath is preparing an update of the Timnath Comprehensive Plan, completed in 2013. This Plan guides the physical development of the Town. The process will update our vision, examine key community needs, capitalize on future opportunities, and refine our future growth.

This Phase 2 survey asks for feedback on the Comprehensive Plan vision themes and statements and then asks for initial ideas on how best to accomplish the vision. Thank you for your time and effort. Your input will be used to inform the development of objectives and actions in the Plan. Your responses are invaluable to this update process!

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?
Current building permit trends suggest that the Town’s population could grow from 4,000 residents to 12,000 in the next 10-15 years. As such, it is imperative that the community continue to strategically plan for this expected growth. The Plan Update will reflect the desire of the community to maintain its small town character and to support and manage growth in a responsible manner. This Plan Update will also incorporate and combine the existing Downtown Plan (provided as an appendix to the 2013 Plan) and the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan (adopted in 2011) into one document. The plan:
  • is a 10-20 year outlook; taking a broad view of many different aspects of the community;
  • addresses the needs and desires of the community by developing goals, objectives, and actions;
  • includes a Future Land Use Plan map that illustrates the location of desired uses;
  • informs land use and transportation planning, economic development forecasting, budget, and timing for capital improvements; and
  • sets recommendations to update municipal codes.