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Insomnia 2019 - Indie Zone Signups


This question requires a valid email address.
7. What format are you looking to exhibit your game on? (eg. PC, Console, smartphone, tablet etc) *This question is required.
11. Have you been a part of previous Insomnia Indie Zones before? If so, please list the events you exhibited at.  *This question is required.
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13. Do you wish to be contacted about attending other events Player1 Events hold that might be of interest? For example attendance at regional shows. 

You may ask to be removed from this list at any time.  *This question is required.
14. Please confirm below that we may share your name and email address with selected Insomnia partners, such as the sponsor of the Indie Zone. 

Please feel free to contact us if you require more information on who this may be or why.  *This question is required.