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Information Sheet 

This study has been approved by the Research Department of Experimental Psychology Ethics Chair.

Principal investigator: Lara Montefiori: Department of Experimental Psychology University College London 26 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AP. 

We would like to invite you to participate in this research project directed by researchers at UCL. You should only participate if you want to; choosing not to take part will not disadvantage you in any way. Before you decide whether you want to take part, it is important for you to read the following information carefully. 

In this study, we will ask you carry out two tasks to see how you perform as part of a hypothetical job interview. Before each task you will be given clear instructions about what you are expected to do for that task and will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. After both tasks are complete you will do another questionnaire. At the end of the experiment you have the option to receive your results. 

It is up to you to decide whether to take part. If you choose not to participate, you won't incur any penalties or lose any benefits to which you might have been entitled. However, if you do decide to take part, you will be given this information sheet to keep and asked to sign a consent form. Even after agreeing to take part, you can still withdraw at any time and without giving a reason. 

All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and analyses of the data will be conducted solely by UCL researchers working with Lara Montefiori