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Follow the Money - Value, Risk and Buying Process Survey 2019

Introduction and Background

Adox Research will be running a new ‘Follow the Money’ survey of  IT buyers' priorities for 2019  in capital markets and asset management.  

The Follow the Money research delivers data-driven insights on budgeting and spending for capital markets and asset management technology. It answers questions like "Where are buyers focusing their attention?" " What specifically drives value and risk perceptions?" Follow the Money Insights help firms calibrate their technology strategy, providing a benchmark of priorities across front, middle and back office technologies. The primary data behind Follow the Money insights is captured through a survey of technology buyers in capital markets and asset management. It captures how firms are allocating budgets across the transaction lifecycle, and what is behind the value and risk assessments that drive firms' decisions to move forward or delay investment.

There are two types of technology and operational domains we look at. The first is a list of functions and technologies that capture the unique functional requirements of institutional securities operations. This includes functions like order management, trading and execution, reporting, and accounting. The second category cuts across these functions, and captures multi-domain drivers such as regulation, data management and risk.

We are looking for input into the domains to survey, and the questions that will deliver the most relevant insights to your business. In order to help us identify your priorities, please fill out this short online survey - it will ensure we harvest the most impactful data, and allow us to benchmark your view of market priorities against those of real buyers as well as your peer group of solution providers.
2. Are you interested in a customised briefing comparing your responses to the overall survey sample?