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Cyber Resilience Self-Assessment

Cyber Resilience: Take the Self-Assessment

Identifying, analysing and managing cyber risks are essential to any cyber security programme.

Cyber resilience moves beyond that.

Take this brief self-assessment now to establish where your organisation is positioned on the cyber resilience maturity scale.

The survey consists of 26 short questions against which to rank your maturity. It should only take you 5 minutes to complete.

By taking this assessment, you will discover:

1. Your maturity against each of 26 key cyber resilience control areas in the IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework.
2. The potential gaps in your cyber security programme as highlighted across 4 core sections.
3. How your organisation ranks in terms of overall cyber resilience.
4. Ways in which you can improve your cyber resilience posture.

Assess your cyber resilience now!
Scoring key:
  • Non-existent: The process doesn’t exist, or isn’t consistent or reliable.
  • In progress: The organisation is implementing the process or has deployed it across part of the organisation.
  • Established process: The process is in place and applied consistently, and may be improved through automation or software support for consistency, repeatability and robustness.
  • Established process supported and endorsed by top management: The process is established as above, and is overseen by an engaged top management.