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Online Workshop: New to the NISE Network? Getting Familiar with Network Resources, Partners, Projects, and Events


The NISE Network runs a series of online workshops focused on helping partners share their work and learn from others in the Network. The aim of the online workshops is to increase the number of professional development opportunities available to our partners and create more channels for Network partners to learn from each other directly.

Join us for the upcoming NISE Network online workshop:

New to the NISE Network? Getting Familiar with Network Resources, Partners, Projects, and Events
Tuesday, January 29, 2018
11am - 12pm Pacific / 2pm - 3pm Eastern

Are you or your organization new to the NISE Network? Or maybe you’re new to your organization but your organization isn’t new to the Network? What does being a NISE Network partner consist of and how can the NISE Network help you in your organizational role? These are great questions and Network project team members are ready to take you on a guided journey of the NISE Network and our many offerings.

The NISE Network has collaborated with over 600 partners all across the United States on an unprecedented scale, effecting nationwide change in public engagement with a variety of STEM topics. Through participation in the Network, partners create and strengthen valuable relationships within their own communities thereby building on and expanding the Network and its impact. Join us for an online overview of the NISE Network and the various projects and products we’ve created, including many professional development resources. We’ll also discuss what it means to be a NISE Network partner and what opportunities exist to help you collaborate with other project partners and/or local, regional, or national organizations.

This online workshop will be recorded and archived along with resources at 

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