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School Counselor Corps DISTRICT End of Year Report - 2018-19

PART I - SCCG District Report End of Year

Welcome to the SCCG End of Year DISTRICT Report.  The save and return feature will appear at the very top of the page 2.  Just click in the bar and it will expand for you to put  in your email address and verify.  When you return to the saved report you MUST use the link that was emailed to you and not return to the link on the SCCG Webpage.  

*No Student or Staff PII is to be included in this report.
6. What year of SCCG funding was 2018-2019  school year for your school/district? (If you are not sure, please contact Eve Pugh to confirm, *This question is required.
7. Have staff changes been made using SCCGP funds during the 2018-2019 school year? *This question is required.
9. The school counselors hired under the Colorado School Counselor Corps Grant Program in the district are licensed, which “means a person who holds a special services provider license with a school counselor endorsement issued pursuant to article 60.5 of Title 22 or who is otherwise endorsed or accredited by a national association to provide school counseling services” 22-91-102 (6):