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The Situation of Circus in Europe - Organisations


The Situation of Circus in Europe Study - Survey for organisations

You will find here a census aimed at organisations most likely to be either circus companies making and presenting work, or theatres, creation centres, arts centres and festivals or circus schools who in 2018 were working in or with the field of circus in a European Member State. If you are a company working in or with contemporary circus arts, traditional/classical or commercial circus or any combination of these, you are invited to please participate in the census of circus. The findings will be shared with a range of organisations, including National and European Circus Associations, governments and universities, and be used to inform policy in Europe and individual Member States. This research has been funded by the European Commission.

To take part in this circus census, you will find here an on-line survey which has number of questions that relate to your organisation's circus activity during 2018 and your views on access to European Funding. Please be aware that there are sections that ask about the number of shows your organisation hosted in this year, the number of audiences reached and the number of workers involved (where relevant) so it would be useful to have this information ready before starting to complete the census.

The circus census has been created with advice from: 
•    The European Association for Circus - Representing more than 130 circuses, festivals, trainers and artists in 29 countries;
•    The Fédération Mondiale du Cirque – The worldwide circus organisation for promoting and preserving Circus Arts;
•    CircusNext – The European Platform for Circus;
•    Circostrada – The European Network for Street Arts and Contemporary Circus;
•    The European Network for Traveller Education;
•    European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC).

The circus census is one component of "The Situation of Circus in Europe Study", the process of which also includes gathering information about the funding for circus in the same period from individual Member States and the European Commission, Case Studies and Focus Groups. The study is being authored by Researcher Verena Cornwall , in close consultation with international research company Panteia. 

The circus census is available to be completed in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. To change the language, or save your progress and continue completing the survey at a later date, just click on the top right hand side of the screen. If you fill out your email address here, a link will be sent to you that allows you to continue where you left off. Any email address provided will not be linked to your individual answers as all information obtained through this census is anonymous. Also at the end of the circus census you are offered the opportunity to say that you wish to receive a copy of the findings and if you wish to participate further with this research.  Any personal information that you add here will be separated from your census comments.

The circus census will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you require any further details about the census or the overall study you can contact me by email.

Your time dedicated to this circus census is very much appreciated. Please feel free to circulate the link to other colleagues.

There is also a specific census survey for individuals working in circus, which can be found here

Thank you so very much for your input.

Verena Cornwall