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Best of Jackson 2019 - Finalists Ballot


Welcome to Best of Jackson 2019 - Finalists Ballot - Dec 5-16, 2018

The Finalist Ballot is here! After a first round of nominations, we now offer you the finalists in each category so that you may select a winner in each.

Please read before completing your ballot, as violations will disqualify your entire ballot and possibly your chance to win:

1. You must vote in at least 20 categories for your ballot to count.

2. Your ballot must include your real first and last name with local phone number and email address for verification. Do not ask friends and family from outside Jackson metro to vote for you or your business.

3. Each voter must choose every vote cast on his/her ballot; similar and identical ballots will be investigated and perhaps discarded.

4. You are welcome to campaign by asking people to vote for you, but you must not offer financial incentives or discounts, set up computers or scripts with any votes pre-chosen, or ask to see someone’s ballot.

5. Fraudulent ballots (using other people’s names and contact information) will be discarded. Do not fill out a ballot for anyone else.

6. No employees, full- or part-time, of Jackson Free Press Inc. are qualified to win Best of Jackson categories, and must not campaign on anyone’s behalf.

7. Violation of any of these rules causes immediate disqualification from being an official Finalist or Winner of the Best of Jackson awards.