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2018 Board of Directors Election Ballot

2018 Board of Directors Election Ballot

Please recall that USICD members must be in "good standing", including being up to date with membership dues payments, in order to vote.  If you have not yet paid your membership dues for this year, please do so now at the link. If you unsure about your membership status then please contact us via email at 

Please Check the Yes (Y) or No (N) box to vote for or against these candidates for membership in the USICD Board of Directors.

Note that this ballot has two parts. The first part asks for you to vote on who should be in the USICD board of directors. The second part asks for you to vote on who within the board should be officers, such as treasurer.

1. I wish to vote "Yes" for Full Slate Approval for all candidates listed below.  (If I do not intend to vote "yes" for all candidates, then I will vote on each candidate individually.)
2. Dr. Patricia Morrissey
Dr. Morrissey is the former Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities within the Administration for Family and Children in the US Department on Health and Human Services. She is currently the Director of the Center on Disabilities Studies in the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa College of Education.
3. John Wodatch
John Wodatch served for 42 years in the Federal government, where he authored the government’s comprehensive disability rights regulations for Section 504 and the ADA and created and led the Department of Justice’s section in charge of enforcing the ADA. He was also part of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations that helped develop the CRPD. He continues working internationally by assisting countries with their own disability rights laws and working to seek U.S ratification of the CRPD.
4. Candace Cable 
Candace consults across the US and globally to promote and protect the human rights for people with disabilities by leading workshops and presentations on understanding disability as a life experience. She works with Open Doors Organization as a trainer in equable travel and tourism, she's written inclusive education material for UNCIEF, worked for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation a blogger, webcast host and UN advocate to the CRPD and SDG’s. Candace is a board member USICD, USOPA and SCOPA.

Candace Cable is a nine-time Paralympian in both Winter and Summer sports of wheelchair racing, downhill and cross-country ski racing she won 12 medals, including 8 gold medals. She has worked with the State Department Speaker and Specialist program in Sport Diplomacy and was Director of Paralympic and Disability Engagement and Vice Chair for the successful bid LA2028 to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Los Angeles.
5. Dr. Ruthie-Marie Beckwith
Ruthie-Marie Beckwith is the Executive Director of TASH, Inc. and a national consultant who helps people with disabilities develop and implement strategies for greater autonomy in their daily lives. She was the founder and principal partner of Blue Fire Consulting and provided consulting services across the U.S. in areas of self-determination, community organizing, leadership development, and self-employment.

Committed to grassroots approaches to empowerment and resource mobilization, she has served as the founder and Executive Director of the two statewide non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities; The Tennessee Association of Microboards and Cooperatives, Inc. and People First of Tennessee, Inc.  She teaches advocacy and disability history at CUNY as Adjunct Faculty and has served as Adjunct Faculty at Vanderbilt University and Middle Tennessee State University. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Special Education from George Peabody College and her B.S. degree from the State University of New York at Geneseo. 

6. Bill Abrams
William M. Abrams is the President of the Trickle Up Program, in New York. Mr. Abrams joined Trickle Up following a career as a senior executive and journalist for the New York Times, ABC News and The Wall Street Journal.
Officer Election Ballot
7. Dr. Patricia Morrissey - President
8. Candace Cable - Vice President