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I Teach NYC Submission Form

I Teach NYC Submission Page

Please submit opportunities that are relevant and timely for NYC public school teachers. Click here to see our submission guidelines.

Before you fill out this form:

Confirm that what you are submitting is an opportunity for teachers.

If this is an opportunity that requires teacher involvement, but is designed to serve students, (i.e. a workshop or field trip) please submit your item to the Student Opportunities page on the NYC Schools website. To learn more about their submission process, view their submission guidelines or email

Please be advised if you do not submit your post 2 weeks before the registration deadline, your post may not be posted on ITeachNYC. We will do our best to accommodate requests but we can only guarantee posts if submitted within the two week time frame. 
4. Is this opportunity eligible for CTLE credits?  *This question is required.
8. What type of deadline do you have? *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
14. I have already submitted my image/logo/graphic in previous submissions. Please use the image you have on file for this opportunity. 
16. Upload your featured image here. 
17. Would you like a link to your item shared in the Principal's Weekly Newsletter? (Please note that If you have a professional learning opportunity for a teacher and would like a link to your post featured in an upcoming edition of Principal’s Weekly, the content must be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance of your ideal deadline.)
18. For NYC DOE Submissions: Select Your Division (this information will not be published)
19. For External Submissions: Select which option describes your organization (this information will not be published).
We are unable to publish content that does not meet the submission criteria, or does not support the intended purpose of I Teach NYC. Please note, submissions may be edited or revised for clarity or to meet guidelines prior to publication. 
If you have additional questions, please contact us at