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Evergreen PSE #507 2019 Bargaining Survey

PSE SEIU Local 1948 - Evergreen PSE #507 2019 Bargaining Survey

Education Support Professionals all across the state are leading the way for Washington’s students and schools. We are stronger together, and as we head into bargaining our new contract, it’s important that all voices are heard on the issues that matter most to us.

Please take a few moments and tell us what you think. PSE will not share or sell your information to any outside organization.
1. Please fill in your contact information below (optional):
Job Classification *This question is required.
2. Determining Our Priorities:

Please rank the following list in order of importance to you. Select number 1 beside the item that is most important to you, 2 beside the second most important, and continue until each item is ranked with the least important ranked as 10. Use each number only once.
Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
3. How would you like to see wages increased?
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNot sureDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I would like to see overall percentage increase across the board.
I would like to see more steps on schedule A.
I would like to see increased percentage for longevity pay.
4. Training Opportunities
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNot sureDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Training on certain core skills should be required for the job, including specific training with a mentor.
We should have expanded training opportunities.
I am interested in continuing education opportunities (apprenticeship program).
I currently have access to training opportunities.
The training I’ve received has been recognized at work.
We should have a mandatory inservice day for training.
5. Safety On the Job / Work Environment
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNot SureDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I feel safe on the job.
More staff is needed to maintain safety in the classroom.
My work environment is physically safe.
My work environment is clean.
6. Please Indicate your level of satisfaction with Paid Time Off.
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNot Satisfied
7. Have your job duties changed significantly in the last 3 years?