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Linux+ Practice Quiz: LX0-103 Quiz 15

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following situations is most likely to cause a dependency problem?
2. Which of the following commands displays all of the shared library information for the /bin/bash executable?
3. Which of the following commands reloads the libraries for the /bin/bash executable, but does not update the cache?
4. Which repquota option will give quota limits and disk usage for all file systems listed in /etc/mtab?
5. Which command will display the disk usage and quota limits for the development group?
6. Which of the following commands will display which boot options were given to the kernel at boot time?
7. What is the purpose of the messages log file in /var/log/messages and what type of information does it hold?
8. On a SysV init system, which file would you check to see system startup error messages? (Choose two)
9. You need to manage a process in the foreground by pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard. What signal code is sent to the process?
10. A developer calls with a problem. They were trying to debug a new daemon and mistakenly placed it on the production machine instead of on a lab machine. To ensure the CPU gives preference to other processes, you need to lower the daemon's priority. The PID number is 2345.

Which command would you use to decrease the daemon's priority?
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