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2019 John Philip Sousa National High School Honors Band - New England Region Application Form


1. Student Biographical Information

 This form is to be used to apply for membership to the 2019 John Philip Sousa National High School Honors Band - New England Region.

Each student should fill out his/her own APPLICATION.  There is no limit to the number of students any school can nominate, although the group is clearly looking for the very best band musicians in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and the selection process will reflect that aim. 

Please use proper UPPER and LOWER CASE LETTERS where appropriate, and fill in the fields as specifically as possible.  When you have completed the application, please be sure to go to the website, where you will see specific instructions 

Students will receive notice of acceptance sometime in mid-February 2019, along with supporting paperwork for housing, medical forms, etc. Registration fee for accepted students will be $250.00 per student for those staying at the Colonial Hotel, Gardner, MA and $180.00 for students living within a reasonable commuting distance of Templeton (Baldwinville), MA.
This question requires a valid email address.
This question requires a valid email address.
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
This question requires a valid email address.
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use this section to list up to 5 special musical honors the applicant has received or list the district/regional bands in which this student has participated.

Please list one honor/band/etc. per line with the most significant achievements first.  Thank you.
Please list 1-3 solos on which you have or are currently working with your music teacher.
Please list each solo on a separate line.  Thank you.
4. Housing Needs *This question is required.Will the applicant need housing at the Colonial Hotel, Gardner, MA during the festival, or will he/she be commuting to Templeton (Baldwinville), MA?
If there are other students applying from your school, please list those students with whom you would like to room should you and they be accepted.  Please list one full name per line.  Thank you.
Please use the box below to list any special needs (food preferences, allergies, etc.) or any additional information that may be relevant to the application.
Uploading your playing samples as indicated at

The playing sample consists of three very basic exercises designed to demonstrate a level of basic musicianship skills, split over three different levels, from very easy to medium in difficulty (please see links at  The student should record the playing sample as an .mp3, .wav, or any other standard audio or video file.  The student should state his or her name, announce the level number of each exercise (1, 2, and 3), and then play each corresponding exercise by level number.  Please include the student's last name when naming the audio files.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE APPROPRIATE INSTRUMENT NAME BELOW THE .PDF FILE TO BE USED FOR THE STUDENT PLAYING SAMPLE.  

After completing the student playing sample, please email it to by February 15, 2019.  Please do not send audio samples before completing the application.  Thank you.

Questions? Feel free to email directly to Or, call (617) 529-9402.
You may submit a question here.