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GLO Festival - 2018

Kia ora. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about GLO Festival
1. How likely are you to recommend GLO Festival to a friend or relative?
Not at all likelyExtremely likely
4. Give us a rating for the following aspects of GLO Festival
Space Cell 1 = poor2345 = excellentDon't know
The atmosphere / vibe
The sound system
We could see the movie and stage
The quality and value of the food
Parking and traffic management
General cleanliness of the site
Safety and security
The fireworks
The children's area
The entertainment
5. How did you find out about GLO Festival?
6. What made you decide to come to GLO Festival?
7. Approximately what time did you get to GLO?
and when did you leave?
and when did you leave?
and when did you leave?
8. How did GLO Festival leave you feeling?
9. GLO Festival has been running in Rotorua since 2013. Which have you gone to?
Which of the following best describes your thoughts on GLO Festival