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2019 Inner City 100 Application Form

About ICIC

ICIC is the leading authority on U.S. urban economies and the businesses that thrive there. Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, ICIC supports public and private sector decision makers with analysis and programs that lead to urban investment, jobs and economic growth.

About the Inner City 100

For more than 20 years, ICIC has been recognizing and celebrating the fastest-growing businesses located in America's inner cities. The Inner City 100 list is published annually in FORTUNE and the winners benefit from award press and access to ICIC's national conference, where they gain management education from leading business school faculty and CEOs and a chance to network with fast-growing urban business leaders from across the U.S. Winners have reported meeting major investors and partners and winning multi-million dollar contracts as a direct result of appearing on the list. 

You can view last year's publication in FORTUNE here and last year's Inner City 100 Conference & Awards agenda here

Program Benefits
  • Access to a national network of fast-growing businesses
  • National recognition in one of the country's preeminent business publications and the chance to be profiled in-depth by the award-winning editorial team 
  • Education from leading business school faculty and CEOs 
  • Resources to help your company market the award externally (to customers, prospective employees, potential investors, etc). 

Eligibility for the 2019 Inner City 100
To be eligible, your company must: 
  • Be an independently-operated company (not a subsidiary or division of another company)
  • Be a privately-owned, for-profit company that is not a bank or holding company
  • Be headquartered in an economically distressed urban area* in the U.S.
  • Have ten or more full-time employees in 2018
  • Have an operating sales history of at least 2014-2018 with sales of at least $100,000 in 2014 and $1 million in 2018
*Based on ICIC's definition of inner city

For more information about the Inner City 100 program, click here or email

The final deadline to apply is Monday, May 6, 2019. 

The information provided on this short application will be used by ICIC to determine eligibility for the Inner City 100 program and list. If you meet the initial qualifying criteria, we will request that you submit further materials to verify your submitted information and secure your position as a finalist for the award. Winning companies are selected based on ICIC analysis.
Company Contact Information

Please note that all fields except "Address Line 2" are required.
*This question is required.
Contact Information: Highest-Level Senior Executive

Please provide contact information and title (e.g., CEO or President) for your company's highest-level senior executive. If your company has two or more highest-level senior executives, please choose one to include here. This person may be contacted as part of the application process. *This question is required.
Primary Contact Information

Please provide a primary contact (can be highest-level senior executive or other employee) within your company for communications related to the Inner City 100. The primary contact will be the point-person for all communications from ICIC related to your company's application. The highest-level senior executive (if not the primary contact) will receive occasional communications regarding important steps in the Inner City 100 application and award process (should your company be selected). *This question is required.
Inner City 100 Alumni

Has your company ever previously been awarded the Inner City 100 Award? *This question is required.
Employment Numbers

Please select which of the following most accurately describes the number of full-time employees your company had in 2018. *This question is required.
* Please do not include 1099 workers (self-employed individuals who receive a 1099 Tax Form from your business) in your count of full-time employees.
This question requires a valid currency format.
This question requires a valid currency format.
**The accuracy of self-reported numbers is an important part of our process and, while reported figures on the initial form don't need to be exact, we urge you to report these figures with care.
Referral/Nomination Source

Which of the following specific sources nominated you or referred you to the 2019 Inner City 100, if known? *This question is required.
Please provide the contact information of the specific source who nominated or referred you to the 2019 Inner City 100, if known.