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EM Podcasts for Equine Vets - Dec 2018

EquiManagement Podcasts for Equine Veterinarians

EquiManagement has been researching multiple ways to bring education to equine veterinary practices. One that is becoming very popular with veterinarians is podcasts. A podcast is basically an audio “radio show” that delves into a topic or topics with an expert or professional. You can “tune in” online to listen or you can download these to your device and listen even when you are out of internet or cell phone range.

That makes them perfect information sources for ambulatory veterinarians who have to drive hours per day between client calls or veterinarians who enjoy listening to educational discussions on their own schedules.

We are seeking input from the veterinary industry to determine what podcast we will start with at EquiManagement.

Thank you for your assistance!
1. I am a/an
2. Have you ever listened to a podcast?
3. Do you have an interest in listening to an equine veterinary podcast?
4. Please rank the podcast topics below that you would be interested in listening to with 1 being most interested and 4 being least interested. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.