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2019 Reader Survey

Here’s your chance to win one of five $250 Kroger gift cards! Simply complete all survey questions in their entirety and you’ll automatically be entered to win. For a complete list of Rules & Regulations, click here.

Thank you for your feedback and support of Live Naturally / Optimum Wellness!

2. Has the magazine inspired you to try new products?
3. Which section(s) of the magazine do you find most helpful? (Check all that apply)
4. How do you view advertisements in the magazine? (Check all that apply)
5. What would you like to see more of in the magazine? (Check all that apply)
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6. Have you made any recipes from the magazine?
7. Of the recipes you've made: (Check all that apply)
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7. Do you typically share the magazine with other people?
8. What kind of shopper do you consider yourself to be? (Choose one)
9. As a result of reading the magazine, do you purchase more natural and organic products?
10. Have you ever visited
11. How frequently do you visit (Choose one)
11. How did you find
12. Which sections of do you most use? (Choose all that apply)
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12. Do you follow Live Naturally magazine on social media?
13. On which social media sites do you follow Live Naturally magazine? (Choose all that apply)
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23. Activities you enjoy (Check all that apply)