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2019 Sophomore BSN Application

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Parent/Guardian Education Information
Application & Program Requirements
Criminal Background Disclosure
Transfer Student Requirement
Transcripts from institutions other than the University of Cincinnati must be submitted immediately upon semester completion to receive proper credit. No admission decisions will be made until all non-UC transcripts are received. The deadline to submit external transcripts is May 15, 2019. If  you are a currently enrolled UC student, we should have external transcripts on file. Please make sure that you have met or spoken with a UC College of Nursing academic advisor.
Additional Application Requirements
By clicking "Submit" I do hereby attest that I am applying for transfer admission to the College of Nursing, Bachelor of Science major, and have been admitted to the University of Cincinnati as a degree-seeking student. All information listed above is true and accurate, and I understand I can find all CoN policies and procedures listed in the College of Nursing Student Handbook:  All applications, including the essay and exam portions, must be complete in order to be considered for BSN admission. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 513-558-3600 or You will be notified once your application is received, and then notification regarding admission status will be sent by June 1, 2019. Please refrain from contacting the college regarding your admission status, as you will be notified via email with updates.

If you are a transfer student, please submit official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities attended to the University of Cincinnati Office of Admissions by May 15, 2019. This EXCLUDES students who took courses at the UC-Blue Ash or UC-Clermont campuses. All students who are accepted to the BSN program must also be accepted to the University of Cincinnati through the UC Office of Admissions.  If you have not yet been admitted to the University of Cincinnati, applications for admission can be completed online at