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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-125 Quiz 3

Questions 1 - 10

1. Which of the following mechanisms are used on Ethernet networks to control access to the transmission medium? (Choose two)
2. Which of the following is true of CSMA/CD? (Choose two)
3. Given that an IPv4 address is a 32-bit binary number represented in four octets (four 8-bit values), which of the following are valid IP addresses? (Choose three)
4. You want to enable full duplex on your Ethernet network. Which of the following should you do?

5. An Ethernet network meets the specification for Ethernet 1000BaseT. A single server is connected to a port on the switch. The switch port is configured for auto-detect.

What is the available bandwidth on the server cable segment?

6. What is the "backoff" on an Ethernet network?
7. What is the first thing that happens when a collision occurs on an Ethernet network?
8. A workstation has been assigned the following IP addressing information:

IP address: 
Subnet mask: 
Default gateway: 
DNS server:

Given this information, what is the IP address of the network where this host resides?

9. What is the correct decimal form of the following binary IP address?


10. What is the correct binary form of the decimal IP address