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Volunteers Count 2018

NYC Service is excited to conduct its fifth annual NYC Volunteers Count report to document and celebrate volunteer service across New York City in 2018. 

NYC Volunteers Count 2018
NYC Service conducts an annual survey around volunteerism and service, providing an opportunity for your organization to document the number of unique volunteers who have served at your organization in 2018. The Volunteers Count report is a way for your organization to proudly join with others across the city to highlight all the ways that volunteers contribute to the lifeblood of our city. Your volunteer numbers are critical to ensuring the City is able to capture the depth and breadth of ways residents come together to address key City issues. Your agency’s/organization’s name and volunteer numbers will be shared in this citywide report and recognized on a wider scale with community stakeholders such as elected officials, community-based organizations, and City Commissioners.

NYC Mayoral Service Recognition
The annual report is released in coordination with our NYC Mayoral Service Recognition event. This is an additional opportunity for your organization to nominate and recognize volunteers who have donated 100 hours of service or more in 2018. All eligible volunteers will receive a personalized Mayoral Service Recognition Certificate and volunteers who have served 1000 hours or more may be invited- along with the Executive Directors/ Chief Executive Officer of their nominating organization- to attend a special ceremony hosted by the Mayor’s Office in April 2019. 
(Please note that the submission deadline for Mayoral Service Recognition has passed)

Instructions to Submit
The first step is to submit your information. Please help NYC Service collect the most complete NYC volunteer data for 2018 by answering a brief survey.  The basic questions should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to answer. We also highly encourage you to submit supplemental (optional) information and stories that may be used in our agency’s media/public outreach to showcase and encourage volunteering across NYC.  

To complete the basic questions, you will need the following information handy when completing the survey:

Volunteers Count

  1. The total number of non-duplicated volunteers* your organization engaged between January 1 – December 31, 2018.
  2. If you engaged youth volunteers, the number of volunteers age 17 or younger. (If known.)
  3. If you engaged adult volunteers, the number of volunteers age 18-59.  (If known.)
  4. If you engaged older adult volunteers, the number of volunteers age 60 or older.  (If known.)
  5. The total number of volunteer hours served at your organization between January 1- December 31, 2018.
*Please note: Volunteers are individuals who are unpaid, non-AmeriCorps members e.g. City Service Corp/ NYC VISTA/ Civic Corps. Non-duplicated refers to counting recurring volunteers only once.