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2019 Angel Award Nomination


  • To prepare your nomination, you may download a guide with the narrative questions here, but all nominations must be submitted online.
  • Click NEXT below to get started with the nomination form.
  • After you start the nomination, you can save and continue the nomination at any time using the toolbar at the top of the page. Just click SAVE AND CONTINUE later.
  • We will accept nominations through midnight on April 12, 2019.

About the Angel Award®

To live healthy lives, children need safe places to live, learn and play. They need access to healthy food, guidance and educational opportunity. Across Louisiana, there are thousands of children without access to the support they need to thrive. Thankfully, there are also thousands of everyday people working to make a difference in the lives of children.

The Angel Award honors everyday people doing extraordinary good to meet the physical, emotional, creative or spiritual needs of Louisiana’s kids. Since 1995, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation has recognized more than 190 of these outstanding individuals. Each Angel Award also comes with much-needed resources – a $25,000 grant for each Angel’s nonprofit of choice.

Past honorees, ranging in age from 17 to 93, have been coaches, teachers, clergy, doctors, homemakers, entrepreneurs and everything in between. They’ve served as volunteers, staff and board members of exceptional nonprofits working to benefit kids. What they have in common is an unselfish contribution of time and energy to improve the welfare of Louisiana’s children.


Selection Criteria
Each year, Angel Award nominations are judged by our Wings (past honorees). They review submissions and rank them based on:

  • Need: Is the nominee meeting an important need in their community?
  • Commitment: How has the nominee demonstrated grit and determination in sticking with a cause to make a difference?
  • Problem Solving: Is the nominee demonstrating savvy leadership by using best practices or creating new approaches to solving problems for kids?
  • Hands-On: Is the nominee directly involved in working with children? We are looking for people who aren't just figureheads.
  • Results and Impact: Has the nominee produced significant, concrete results?
  • Collaboration: Is the nominee working with partners and other groups to expand and maximize their reach?

Who is Eligible for the Angel Award?

  • Nominees must be individuals; groups cannot be nominated. However, you may nominate a person for his or her work as part of a group.
  • The nominee must perform volunteer work in Louisiana, with Louisiana children as the primary beneficiaries.
  •  A deserving individual may be nominated for a body of work performed during his or her lifetime. Individuals may not be nominated posthumously.
  • Nominees may be paid for their work, but the Angel Award recognizes extraordinary efforts that go beyond job responsibilities.
  • Work may be performed on work-release time or for student course credit.