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WB Games Playtest Sign-Up Form


WB Games is looking for gamers to participate in playtests of games currently in development in the Seattle, Montreal, and San Francisco areas.  Participants are compensated for their time.

Please read the FAQ and then continue to the sign-up form.
WB Games Playtest Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in playtesting with WB Games!

We are committed to making amazing games and YOU can help! We are looking for players of all ages and experience levels to give us their feedback so that we can make the best games ever.

What happens when I sign up?
When you sign up for playtests at WB Games, we enter your name and information into a database of potential players that we contact to participate in our research. We select players based on a wide variety of criteria and invite them to take part in different types of tests.

What will I do if I’m selected?
During a playtest, you will come to our office to play new or unreleased games and give us your honest feedback about your experience. These tests typically last from a few hours up to a few days.

Playtesting is usually conducted on-site at one of our research facilities in Kirkland, WA or Montreal, QC or San Francisco, CA. Participants must be able to reach these locations at their own expense. Rarely, we may test in other locations, in which case we will contact local players.

We may also occasionally email you with a link to a survey to fill out from your home to give us your opinion on a variety of possible gaming related topics.

Can I talk about my experience to a friend or online?
No. All participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits you from sharing your experience with anyone. WB Games takes confidentiality very seriously.

Where is my information kept?
All Information submitted is kept in a secure, private database at WB Games. We will never share your information with any 3rd parties.

Do I receive anything for my help?
Players may receive a gift as compensation for their time. You will be notified of any potential gift when you are contacted to participate in a study.

Is this a paid Quality Assurance (QA) job?
No.  This is user research.  You will be playing a game and giving honest feedback to help improve our games as a player, not performing tests and logging bugs as an employee. You may receive a gift as compensation for your time and can leave if you no longer want to play the game during the session. 

Can I sign up my kids?
If you are signing up for a child, you will be filling in YOUR information on page 1 of the questionnaire and then your child's info on a later page.

WB Games will contact the adult when a playtest opportunity comes up. Children must be accompanied by an adult and a  non-disclosure agreement must be signed by the child's guardian. If you are signing up for both yourself and a child, you will need to apply separately for each person.
1. I am ready to be a WB Games Playtester! *This question is required.
Remember, to sign up a minor (under 18), please have someone over 18 fill out the first part of the survey.  Afterward, there will be a section for the minor's information.  Thanks!