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PSE SEIU Local 1948 - Evergreen OC #528 Bargaining Survey 2019

Thank you for providing your thoughts as we begin to prepare for negotiations in spring 2019. There were many great ideas presented. Under the Revised Code of Washington, there are some items we may bargain, and some items we may not. Those that we may bargain are listed below.

It is important to note that the upcoming legislative session in Olympia will determine the implementation of the School Employees Benefits Board. Once funded by the State, SEBB will be the insurance for every district employee, and therefore, specific insurance questions are not listed on this survey. 

Below are the items we received from the membership that we may bargain:
This question requires a valid percent format.
2. Please rank the following potential negotiation items in order of importance from 1-13. Select number 1 beside the item that is most important to you, 2 beside the second most important, and continue until each item is ranked with the least important ranked as 13. Use each number only once.
Space Cell 12345678910111213
Paid religious day
Additional personal day
Additional holiday
Roll one unused personal day to the next school year
Add a longevity step to Schedule A
Additional pay for employees with college credits and/or clock hours
Bereavement leave extended to include all family members as defined under Employment Services Department Paid Family Medical Leave
Secretary/clerical substitutes placed on the office/clerical Schedule A
Retired employees who work as a substitute in the district paid at a higher hourly rate on Schedule A
Post district jobs internally for 5 days and go outside only if a qualified candidate is not found
Extra paid days for years of service—longevity would provide more entitlement or personal days
In the event of a work stoppage, office/clerical employees shall be permitted to work
Requesting the district provide a sit/stand desk