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2019 Application

Welcome to the Adobe Creative Residency 2019-2020 application! We're excited to review your materials. 


We have strict qualification requirements--if you do not meet these criteria below, your application will not be considered. 

1. You must live full-time in Germany, Japan, Canada, the UK, or the US and be committed to building your local and national creative communities.

2. You must be able to write and speak in both English and the primary language of your country of residence.

3. You must have legal working status in your country of residence.

4. You must be willing to incorporate Adobe software into your daily, professional creative workflow.

5. You must be willing and able to commit to working solely as an Adobe Creative Resident during the duration of the program year (May 2019 through April 2020). 

6. You must be in the early stages of your creative career ( approximately 1-5 years of work experience in your creative field).

For more details on the program and how to prepare your application, visit our site.
This question requires a valid email address.
7. Are you legally able to work in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Japan?  *This question is required.

This project will be something that you will begin and complete as a creative resident. It will help you get from where you are into the field that you're interested in working full-time after the residency.

The proposal is an explanation of your project and why it's a good match for the Adobe Creative Residency program. The proposal is the most important part of your application because it explains what you'll be doing with the time and resources Adobe would invest in you to build the creative community and your career. 
We’ll be looking at your project proposal alongside your past work samples to determine whether you meet the criteria for the program. 
Check out our Create Mag insider guide on crafting your best project proposal.
Consider these questions when covering the following areas:

  • The basics: Who are you? What is your creative passion? Why are you interested in being an Adobe Creative Resident?
  • Your year-long project concept: What's the concept? How does this project build off of work you've been doing? How will it help you build your career after the residency?


  • Outline impact and reach: How will you share your project and process with the creative community? What will others learn from your project?
  • Technical aspects: What will your creative process be from beginning to end? What digital or analog tools will you use? How will mobile apps be integrated into your workflow? What will your month-by-month schedule look like for the year? What kind of budget would you need to do this project? 


  • Just go for it. We're looking for creatives who can start from guidelines and work around obstacles.
  • Do not email us with revisions or additional documentation.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION. Even if you have several clever ideas, we just want your best one.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT PROPOSAL AS A PDF. If you want to submit a video, please include a private Vimeo or YouTube link in the PDF. (50MB maximum) *This question is required.
15. Upload your resume (PDF format only, 10MB maximum) *This question is required.