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ALC Survey 2019


Since 2004, the Association of Language Companies Survey has been providing key data to language service company owners, helping them to better strategize and grow. The ALC Industry Survey has unparalleled depth and abundance of detailed data about companies in the USA and worldwide. 

Reasons to complete
Companies that fill out the survey get the final report and data for free or at a discounted rate. Less than an hour of your time is a small investment for the huge return in value that this report provides.

  1. Plan strategy with better data
  2. Benchmark against competitors
  3. Learn about ongoing trends
  4. Discover new tools, technology, or other resources

And we know that you are interested in pricing. The ALC Survey can help you benchmark against the market and find a unique selling proposition.

New in 2019
We respect your time. The survey has only 15 primary questions on Strategy and Financials for executives that prefer a faster fill-in experience. The basic part should take a mere 10 minutes to complete.  A more extensive advanced part has 25 additional questions and benchmarks for executives committed to getting the maximum value from the survey.  The advanced part addresses Staffing, Technology, Pricing, Marketing, and Internal Procedures.

For 2019, Nimdzi Insights, a specialized language industry research firm, will be running the survey for the ALC.

Konstantin Dranch,
Chief Researcher