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GFW User Story Contest

Tell Us Your GFW Story!

Global Forest Watch (GFW) tools include the flagship platform, Forest Watcher mobile app and Map Builder.  
GFW is pleased to announce the first-ever GFW User Story Contest. We are seeking stories that detail the human dimensions of our tools. This includes who users are, how and why they are using the tools, the impact or expected impact of that use and any challenges users have faced. The contest is open to users from all sectors. Simply fill out the form below to enter. 

Apply by: March 15, 2019 
Winners will be announced: April 15, 2019 

To qualify, entries must provide detailed information about how, why and where GFW tools are being used. Users should demonstrate the significance and reach of that use. Be sure to use specific data wherever applicable to give us a concrete picture of how GFW has made an impact.  

Entries will be reviewed by GFW staff and judged based on: 

  • Innovative application of GFW tools 
  • Broadest reach or potential for impact 
  • Best visuals (photo or video) demonstrating use  

Grand prize:  

  • Free trip to the GFW User Summit in Washington, DC on June 18-19 

Honorable mention prizes:  

  • GFW blog and social media features of the work 
  • GFW “swag” (reusable bags, stickers, etc.)  

Please reach out to with any questions.

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6. Upload up to 5 high-quality visuals (photo or video) that demonstrate this work (png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, mov, mp4).
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