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SROA Webinar Form

Thank you for your interest in hosting a webinar:
An essential benefit of SROA is offering high quality continuing education and training to Radiation Oncology Administrators. Use this form to submit a proposal for an educational webinar.
Any SROA SIG, Working Group, or member seeking to host a webinar must submit the form below.
Webinar Format:
Webinars will be 60 minutes in total. We recommend 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions.
Webinar Types:
The two types of webinars we have to offer are below:
1. A sponsored webinar - $500 - The company will be able to include their logo on the first and last slide, and include in the webinar a 2 minute talk about their company or a product – the rest of the webinar has to be informational and not sales related. (Case Studies, How-To-Series, Current Events, etc.)
2. A free webinar - Is one on the topic but no highlighting of your company in any way other than to say you work for them. This type of webinar has to be 100% informative.
Please complete all the fields, SROA applies for CE credit from ASRT, in order to be approved, we must have certain information. Missing information can result in delayed or denied credit for ASRT.
Webinar proposals must be submitted a minimum of one month in advance for approval and marketing purposes.

2. Proposed Webinar Dates (in order of preference) and time (Eastern Time) *This question is required.
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4. Sponsored Webinar ($500)?
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8. State the webinar goal and three learning objectives. These will be used to market your webinar.
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9. List the moderator and speakers of your webinar (name, affiliation, topic). If you do not have a moderator, please leave this blank. SROA staff will be available to moderate all webinars.
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