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2020 The Value of Precision Medicine Informatics: Challenges, Adoption, Utilization, and Approaches

Survey Introduction

The 2020 version of this research explores precision medicine and healthcare data informatics initiatives, the technology adoption and data accessibility that supports these programs and the challenges encountered. Numerous approaches are explored to determine the best practices that most likely lead to success.

This study takes less than 10 minutes to complete and builds on the insight gathered during the 2019 study and includes more than 120 initiatives. If you have completed, are in the middle of implementing or are planning a precision medicine informatics initiative, we want to hear from you.

Your individual responses will be held in strict confidence. In exchange for your time and insight, participants can:
  • Be entered into a raffle to win a MobileKlean portable UV light sanitizer (must complete survey before November 1st).
  • Receive a copy of the research report 
  • Request a copy of the 2019 The Value of Precision Medicine Informatics Initiatives research report
  • Request a comparative report of your responses against the aggregate
  • Be able to request a custom organizational report for multiple participants from one organization (this is particularly helpful to gain internal alignment)
For the purposes of this study, data management software and applications refer to technologies and approaches that enable the development of real-world healthcare data pools that can be queried, analyzed, visualized and researched while making the data available to care team members through case management applications and collaboration software.
1. Does your organization invest in Precision Medicine Informatics or Healthcare Data Management solutions? (please select one option) *This question is required.
2. Are you directly involved, have you been directly involved or will you be directly involved in the decision making process regarding which Precision Medicine Informatics or Healthcare Data Management solutions your organization uses? (please select one option)  *This question is required.