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Central Connecticut State University

Strategic Planning Stakeholder Survey


Central Connecticut State University wants to hear from you. To achieve our goal of connecting Central to our past, to our communities, and to each other, we want your ideas and input to inform the plan that will propel us into the next decade. With our current mission statement as our guide, we ask you to reflect on how well Central is meeting its mission, and where we should focus for sustained success.

This survey is voluntary and confidential.  It does not collect personally identifiable information.  Any comments to open ended text questions will be shared verbatim with the Steering Committee and may be used in the final environmental analysis. You may skip any question.   If you have any questions regarding survey confidentiality, please contact Yvonne Kirby in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Thank you for your time and, more importantly, your commitment to Central’s future.
1. Please indicate your primary affiliation with Central: