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January 2019 Monthly Mission Shortcut

Complete the mission shortcut to earn an additional 1,000 THWACK® points & enter to win a GlobeTrotter Etched Globe Spirits DecanterGalilea Moon Phase Calendar & ClockLEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Building Kit, and/or a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

There are four shortcuts within this shortcut. Each one you participate in gives you a chance to win one of four different prizes. Here are the instructions for each product screenshot needed:

Step 1 - Log in, click on Experience monitoring, then Page Speed
Step 2 - Click on Add Check at the top, fill in the box and take the screenshot before you save it
Step 3 - Submit screenshot

Step 1 - Install an agent.

Step 2 - Depending on which agent you installed-

  • Infrastructure: Click on the Infrastructure icon, then click on integrations at the top and take the screenshot.
  • APM: Click the APM icon in the left nav and then double click on a service, take the screenshot.
Step 3 - Submit screenshot

Step 1 - When you log in and you’ve added at least one log, go to the magnifying glass at the top and click on it
Step 2 - Type is a search, hit enter and take the screenshot
Step 3 - Submit screenshot

Step 1 - After you have added at least one log, click on the “Events” tab, go to the bottom and type in a search
Step 2 - Hit the save button and while the pop-up for the save is showing, take the screenshot
Step 3 - Submit screenshot

1. Which product(s) are you submitting a screenshot for? --Select all that apply *This question is required.