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Spikes for Tikes Waiver




As a participant in this tournament, I recognize and acknowledge that there are risks of physical injury which could occur from my in the tournament. I fully understand the nature and extent of all these risks. For and in consideration of my participation in this tournament, I agree to assume full risk of any injury, damage or loss which Ie may sustain as a result of participation in this tournament and any activities in connection with the tournament. I also give permission to allow my pictures and videos to be taken. I understand that CSM assumes that permission is granted to use my pictures and/or videos for the website, presentations and exhibits.

I hereby agree to waive and relinquish all claims, which I have, or may have, against Chattanooga Sports Ministries, it’s employees, coaches, volunteers, parents, and Highland Park Commons, as a result of my participation in this tournament. I have carefully read this waiver and I fully understand all parts of it.

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