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PSM Scholarship Application

The PC Patient Support Meetings are held each year and alternate in USA (odd years) and in UK/EU (even years). Please only apply for scholarship funding for the meeting closest to your home.
1. Contact information. *This question is required.
3. Those answering YES to the following questions will be given priority for scholarship awards.
Space Cell YesNo
This will be my first PC PSM.
I have registered with the International PC Research Registry (IPCRR).
Statement of Need. I will not be able to attend the PSM unless I receive scholarship funds for part or all of the meeting.
In order to make available funds help as many as possible, we ask that you make your request for the minimal amount that you need in order to attend the meeting. Scholarship funds are based on donations and the number and amount of scholarships will depend on funds received. 
4. I am applying for funding for
6. Those who will be attending the meeting with me are