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Hillsboro 2035 Community Ideas Survey

Hillsboro 2035 Vision Statement

In 2035, Hillsboro is a diverse, sustainable city known for success in blending urban lifestyle, a world-class local economy, agricultural heritage and a welcoming, family-friendly community for an outstanding quality of life.

Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan


The Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan is a shared vision for our city’s future. The vision describes how we want our community to look, feel and function.

Every five years, the Action Plan within the 2035 Community Plan is updated so that approaches are informed by new community members, ideas and technology. Over 90% of the original actions in the 2035 Community Plan are now implemented or underway. Once again, it’s time to look forward to the future and we want your ideas!


  1. Review the focus areas and key words below.
  2. Answer the survey question - be specific and bold. Think outside the box and dream big!
  3. Enter as many ideas as you like. You can take the survey again if you think of additional ideas later on.
  4. Provide contact information to be entered into a drawing for a $250 Visa gift card (don’t worry, we won’t share your information).
  5. Click submit and you’re done!

Focus Areas

The Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan is organized into five focus areas.

Health, Wellness & Safety
Key words: social services, healthy food, healthcare, aging, housing, public safety, wellness, resiliency, well-being, fitness, mindfulness, lifestyle, preparedness, prevention, access

Education & Community Involvement
Key words: education, schools, career & technical training, cultural inclusion, community events, volunteerism, youth, philanthropy, civic engagement, connections, learning, diversity, leadership

Economy & Infrastructure
Key words: business, entrepreneurship, technology, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, amenities, employment, tourism, development, streets, transportation, workforce, communications

Livability & Recreation
Key words: trails, parks, neighborhoods, walkability, biking, transit, events, family activities, art, culture, recreation, open space, preservation, green spaces, third places, community, lifestyle

Environmental Sustainability
Key words: resources, conservation, energy, air quality, ecosystems, nature, wildlife, waste reduction, recycling, stewardship, renewable, protect, healthy, earth, climate, water, health

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