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Jefferson Giving Day - Volunteer Form

Jefferson Giving Day Volunteer Form

Become a Jefferson Giving Day advocate! Whether you want to support the virtual activities and challenges taking place on our website, or spare 10 minutes to spread the word about Jefferson Giving Day on your personal social media accounts with #ImInForJefferson, your support could help reach, or even exceed, our participation goal for the 24-hour campaign.
5. What is your relationship to Jefferson? (Select all that apply) *This question is required.
7. How would you like to volunteer for Jefferson Giving Day?
(Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we have cancelled all in-person events at Jefferson campuses. All volunteer roles will assist with online engagement and advocacy initiatives. All volunteers will still get a t-shirt!)  *This question is required.
Please select the social media networks you are currently active on and planning to use for social media ambassador purposes: 
Enter your social media username(s) and URL(s) below if you'd like fellow alumni social media ambassadors, as well as the alumni association, to follow you (your personal contact information WILL NOT be shared.)